Inside Regent Hong Kong’s New Signature Suites, a Trio of Luxury Residential Retreats
In a city teeming with fabulous hotels and extraordinary facilities, the doors to the newest set of jaw-dropping suites are officially open.
BY Robb Report Hong Kong  |  June 13, 2024
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While our earlier fashion spread provided a first look at the many rooms, hot spots, and glamorous locations dotted around Regent Hong Kong, earlier this month, yet another chapter of the hotel was unveiled. We take a close look at the most glamorous square feet of real estate within Regent Hong Kong, namely the CEO, Terrace, and Presidential suites.

The size and scale is formidable in each, but it’s the little details and big ideas that make them so impressive. Novel rooms (a Chinese tea room!) and amenities (a mahjong corner), multi-layered facilities, grand vistas, private hot tubs, and infinity pools add to the thinking outside of the box while fulfilling the parameters of what’s expected in the grandest rooms of a luxurious hotel. The thoughtful vision of Chi Wing-lo, legendary local architect and designer, comes to life and spreads out as each room is more expansive (and expensive) than the other. 

Unlike many hotel rooms that can seem a bit clinical, perfunctory, or impersonal, the suites are in the guise of personalised apartments: a home-away-from-home. “Each of our Signature Suites is designed to offer a highly personalised experience and the height of sophistication and discreet luxury,” says Michel Chertouh, Regent Hong Kong’s managing director. “Guests will feel as if they are living in a luxurious contemporary residence with spaces that become their own, rather than a hotel suite.” Let’s take a closer look inside.

The living room at the CEO Suite at Regent Hong Kong.

CEO Suite

As the title suggests, there’s a more adroit, sophisticated finish in the CEO Suite for the travelling businessperson or captain of industry who can find comfort and rest in one part of the room, and get down to business in another—all the while facing the sensational views that makes for Hong Kong’s famed iconography, a view that reminds each guest of the majesty of the little island of mega-dreams. In fact, all the suites mentioned in this feature face Hong Kong Island with good reason; the unprecedented views are second to none.

At 381 square metres, there’s more than enough legroom, and the central living space facing the wall of windows is ideal for informal meetings. Glass doors open up to the long terrace—297 square metres—overlooking Victoria Harbour, and features a whirlpool, sundeck, lounge area, and a dining table for up to eight guests. The private master bedroom faces towering skyscrapers dotted with colourful lights, cocooned off from other distractions.

The built-in wine fridge and custom-designed bar cabinet (Chi Wing-lo’s bespoke touch) is perfect for a bit of cocktail diplomacy; you know many a deal is made over a glass of fine Bordeaux. The circular oasis bathroom—the staff can draw up a spa-like bath—of the master bedroom is far away from the guest powder room in the living room, and a second bedroom with an oasis bath and large foyer is located on the opposite of the living room. The living area and outdoor spaces have communal access to all residing in this deluxe apartment.

The Terrace Suite at Regent Hong Kong.

Terrace Suite

At 510 square metres, the Terrace Suite is an elegant one-bedroom duplex which has the cashmere patina and feel of a luxurious apartment. A spacious living room area opens out to the private rooftop terrace for that view that everyone talks about, and the green granite console stretching across the room has been used for buffet service in the past by guests who have booked out the venue for private events. However, nothing beats the surprise element of finding an entertainment room with a mahjong table that can accommodate four—it’s a lovely touch of vintage chinoiserie chic in the plush environs of the modern suite.

The master bedroom and oasis bathroom are far above the madding crowd, with a private staircase leading residents up to the private enclave. For a glamorous night out, there are rows of wardrobes next to a spacious changing room on the upper floor, with built-in Hollywood-style make-up table that basks in natural light from the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Additionally, the rooftop terrace includes a whirlpool, lounge areas, and a dining table for up to eight guests—all overlooking Victoria Harbour. For a cocktail reception or an aperitif before dinner, the 307-square-metre terrace can be transformed to any whim or wish courtesy of the curation team at the hotel. Be it a quiet dinner with friends or an intimate breakfast watching the sun rise on the horizon, the dining area on the terrace is a versatile space.

Presidential Suite

Already booked for private luxury brand events, pre-wedding receptions, and VIPs of note that are flying in and out of Hong Kong, Regent Hong Kong’s Presidential Suite offers so much more than what’s expected of a room with that imperious title. With approximately 650 square metres at play and a duplex that can easily host 70 to 80 people, it’s a jaw-dropping moment to walk into the living area. The furniture squarely points at the biggest asset of the room: two-storey floor-to-ceiling windows that highlight the city’s greatest views. On the rooftop terrace and infinity pool facing the silhouette of mountains and bobbing boats speckled across Victoria Harbour, take a deep breath at the majesty of all the city offers.

It is luxurious and grand, and yet has the comfort and vibe of a private residence. With meticulous attention to detail, be it the curated artwork, plush interiors, hand-carved wooden furnishings, a green corner with fresh plants, and the mere ideation of having a private Chinese tea room filled with bell jars with herbs and tea leaves is ingenious. Rooms with private gyms and guest rooms (also included) may be the standard, but to intertwine the city’s cultural tapestry with modern furnishings is a step above all others.

It’s a room that clearly prefers and expects company, as the duplex living room seats a dozen, the dining room seats eight, and four outer connecting bedrooms creates a five-bedroom suite. For some privacy, there’s the master bedroom with its en-suite oasis bathroom (with private sauna and steam rooms) and private gym, where three people can work out at most.

Regent Hong Kong’s new suites are now available for bookings.

All images courtesy of Regent Hong Kong.