Forget Penthouse Suites. These Solar-Powered Pods Are 5-Star Hotel Rooms That Cruise the Sea.
The sleek abode is entirely emissions-free, too.
BY Rachel Cormack  |  December 11, 2022
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Overwater bungalows are nothing new, but a motorized hotel suite capable of cruising the high seas certainly is.

The brainchild of Pierpaolo Lazzarini, founder of the ever-disruptive Lazzarini Design Studio, the new Pearlsuite is an emissions-free floating adobe intended to revolutionize seaside hospitality. It was designed specifically for fellow Italian outfit Jet Capsule, which specializes in futuristic, sustainable vessels.

Ideal for both existing and future resorts, the easy-to-build pod allows hoteliers to increase a property’s number of suites in a matter of weeks at what the design studio says is a very low cost.

Jet Capsule's new floating Pearlsuite

Fitted with electric motors, the Pearlsuite can reach 5 knots at full tilt.  Lazzarini Design Studio

The pod itself, which has a diameter of roughly 23 feet, features an enforced main shell and sturdy circular hull similar to Jet Capsule’s namesake vessel. Fully autonomous, it’s equipped with solar panels that generate clean, green energy to power the A/C, lighting and other appliances.

Furthermore, the Pearlsuite can be fitted with electric motors and an advanced GPS positioning system with autopilot. Lazzarini didn’t share any specific details regarding propulsion, but says the suite could travel at speeds of up to 5 knots. It will also come with a gyroscope stabilizer system to ensure smooth sailing.

To top it off, there is extra storage space in the hull that can be used to accommodate gear and equipment. You could opt for a hydrogen fuel cell generator, for instance, to produce energy onboard rather than rely on the sun for solar power. This would ensure the Pearlsuite could run even on rainy days.

Onboard, meanwhile, the upscale interior spans roughly 238 square feet and can be configured in a range of different ways. The range-topper, priced at US$300,000, comes complete with all the mod-cons such as a fridge, TV and double bed. In addition, there’s an outdoor deck with direct access to the water. The more simplified versions, on the other hand, start at US$50,000 and might only sport one lounge, for example.

The Pearlsuite will face some competition, though. French outfit Anthénea recently announced it would be rolling out fully autonomous floating condos at some point this year. The dome-shaped apartments, known simply as Anthénea, will also run on solar energy and have a comparatively quick top speed of 27 knots.

Starting at US$365,000, Anthénea is envisioned as an exclusive oceanic home, but the company is also looking to partner with hoteliers to create floating resorts comprising multiple pods.

Hey, who doesn’t like a little friendly competition?

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Jet Capsule's new floating Pearlsuite Jet Capsule's new floating Pearlsuite Jet Capsule's new floating Pearlsuite Jet Capsule's new floating Pearlsuite Jet Capsule's new floating Pearlsuite Jet Capsule's new floating Pearlsuite Jet Capsule's new floating Pearlsuite