First Look: Qura Bar at Regent Hong Kong, Where You Can Enjoy Rare Spirits and Sophisticated Bistronomy
Old-world charms, opulence, and a can-do spirit, with a fine wine and whisky selection.
BY Robb Report Hong Kong  |  January 31, 2024
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Regent Hong Kong has been our go-to spot in the city since we launched Robb Report Hong Kong and the hotel even lifted the veil long before it officially opened to the public to host the Robb Report Hong Kong inaugural gala dinner in its grand ballroom. Since then, we have been hooked on the promises that the hotel has delivered on every turn. 

Like a slow reveal, from the lavish new Presidential Suite, a taste of the excellent cuisine at its various restaurants, a return of a culinary legend, or a first look and tasting at Qura Bar, every few months, the curtains part on one new magical experience after another.

Qura Bar’s drawing room.

In the cloak of night, Robb Report Hong Kong was among the first to officially step into Qura Bar, an elegant drinking spot featuring rare whiskies, fine wines, exquisite spirits, and a delectable menu. A picture-postcard view of Hong Kong with plush, maximalist interiors and bemusing artefacts (look for the emerald-green parrot lamp and the monkey motif holding parasols and gilded candles), the layered rooms segue into another to create entirely new experiences as you move from drawing room to bar, and dining lounge to cigar lounge. Each room has a different feel, vibe, and texture, all warm and welcoming. Walled with floor-to-ceiling glass windows to show off that famed view of Hong Kong Island studded with well-lit skyscrapers, this is the place to flaunt the best of the city’s infinite offerings. Regent Hong Kong’s prime location in Tsim Sha Tsui, right on the edge of the harbourfront with uninterrupted views, allows for front-row enjoyment of the city lights, shining just for you. 

Qura Bar’s drawing room.

Curation is the key to Qura Bar. Led by the encyclopaedic guide, curator, and drink historian Gennaro Pucci, the Italian accent lures you into cocktail experiences like no other. Illuminating on the discovery and adventures of several rare vintages and bottles that are on display in the large, beating heart of the opulent new bar. Qura Bar’s library of libations and decanters holding such adventure and refined taste is waiting to be opened.

Qura Bar stocks a large selection of rare spirits.

Offering a palette exploration, Pucci is deft at finding a rare spirit or defining year to indulge guests. He points to a vintage cask that was made entirely by a group of women in the 1930s (as the men had gone to war) and he pulls out a curious Uniting Nations #3—a rare blend of Japanese and Scottish whisky traditions, where East meets West in a bottle. Ferrand Distilled Before 1914 is a sample of pre-World War I craftsmanship. 

It’s not all just wines and whiskies—tease your tastebuds with the rich legacy of Barbadian rum-making with the Foursquare Shibboleth, a 16-year-old Barbados single-blended rum. By the time he pulled out a jug of Armagnac from a hidden shelf behind the bar counter, a battle of biceps and burden, we should have tapped out, but the proof stinging our eyes and searing our gullet as the Madeira inched its way down ignited all our senses. If you really want to test your platinum card, ask for the HK$17,000 shot and let Pucci lead the discourse on the vintage’s rarity and sublime journey. (For the record, we didn’t partake in this indulgence).

Of course, there are classic and traditional cocktails to quench your thirst, but if you’re going to make the trip, why not make it a memorable one with an exploratory drink that’s been painstakingly acquired from port, auction, and region so far beyond our salubrious shores? Qura Bar’s exclusive wine programme features a partnership with Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, showcasing the best of Burgundy to take you on a sublime journey. 

Qura Bar’s dining room.

We would be remiss to ignore the fine plates that made their way to our tables on every turn. Bar cuisine in Hong Kong is often perfunctory, but at Qura Bar, it’s a refined, leather-bound menu in a font that means serious business, as chef Rajiv Chowdhoory, trained under Alain Ducasse, sent out from the cavernous kitchens in hand-painted ceramics. Plate after plate, we tuck into the raging bright marinated red bell peppers with Santonia anchoviesBlack Angus peppered tenderloin drenched in black pepper sauce at the table, and a side of creamy mashed potatoes. While we dipped a third silver spoon into the mush, a friendly neighbour pointed out, “You know, it’s the generous dollop of French butter that makes it so heavenly!” Of course it is. As Anthony Bourdain famously said in Kitchen Confidential, “If you eat at any good restaurant, assume you’ve eaten a stick of butter.” Worth it. 

In the great order and hierarchy of annually changing “Best Bars of Hong Kong” compendiums, there’s a new order afoot. A new player has entered the game, and Qura Bar is no mere curiosity, but a serious contender.

Qura Bar

Lobby Floor, Regent Hong Kong, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Tel: (+852) 2313 2313

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All images courtesy of Regent Hong Kong.