This New 007-Inspired Travel Package Lets You Go on James Bond ‘Missions’ Around the Globe
From disarming explosives in Greenland to sipping martinis in Venice.
BY Dana Givens  |  November 8, 2022
2 Minute Read

If you’ve ever fantasized about playing the world’s most famous spy, Pelorus wants to make your dreams come true.

The travel company has unveiled a collection of James Bond-inspired packages promising to give travelers their very own James Bond adventure. The experiences, tailored to emulate 007’s greatest cinematic missions, were created in honor of the latest Bond flick, No Time To Die.

The collection offers four 007 “missions”—should you choose to accept them. One adventure will have you disarming “explosives” while traveling across frozen waters in Greenland for 12 days. On another you’ll sail on a 10-day excursion from the Andaman Sea to the Surin Islands in Thailand. You can also embark on a high-speed supercar race in the Scottish highlands for an extended weekend, or you can head to the Dolomites and Venice to sip martinis, Bond style.

“Pelorus can craft bespoke experiences from the luxurious to the high octane to bring out your inner Bond,” Elise Ciappara, Pelorus’s head of yacht expeditions, wrote in an email Robb Report. “We can tailor experiences to allow you to step into the shoes of Bond anywhere in the world.”

Experiences include traveling Greenland’s frozen tundra to disarm “explosives” with your own team.  Giuseppe Ghedina/Pelorus

After your spy work is done for the day, you’ll be able to relax in comfort. All experiences include five-star accommodations, ranging from private buy-outs at a lavish hotel to a private chateau. And when it comes time to eat, you’ll be treated to the services of a personal chef, who will create a custom menu based on your rarified preferences.

Rates for the trips vary, depending on the expedition you choose. Greenland’s frozen tundra costs US$500,000 for a group of 12 people, while the voyage to the Surin Islands start at US$12,000 per person. (Neither experience includes the cost of your yacht charter.) For supercar driving in Scotland, rates start at US$15,000 for two people, and the voyage to the Dolomites and Venice starts at US$10,000 per night.