This New 220-Foot Hybrid Megayacht Uses State-of-the-Art Heat Recovery to Save Energy
The most exciting part of the new CRN megayacht could be its eco-friendly tech.
BY Rachel Cormack  |  April 9, 2024
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Image courtesy of CRN

CRN has delivered more than 400 yachts over the past 60-odd years but continues to create vessels that challenge the status quo.

The bespoke builder, which is part of the Ferretti Group, just announced it has signed the contract for a custom 220-footer that will be at the bleeding edge of sustainable yacht design.

The newcomer, which was assigned hull number 146, features exterior styling and interiors by Nuvolari Lenard. The renowned Italian studio has worked on no less than 10 vessels with CRN since 2001, including the 180-foot Atlante, the 203-foot Voice, and the 197-foot Comfortably Numb.

The 197-foot CRN superyacht Comfortably Numb.
Image courtesy of CRN

Crafted from a mix of steel and aluminium, the megayacht showcases sleek lines and an elegant aesthetic that reflects the owner’s vision, according to CRN. Everything from the naval architecture and engineering to the design and construction has been tailored to the owner, in fact.

As you might expect, the yacht is full to the brim with luxurious amenities. The stern sports a giant beach club with a full arsenal of water toys for guests, while the upper deck is home to a touch-and-go helipad that can facilitate comings and goings at sea. To top it off, the dive centre will be stocked with all the gear required to explore the deep ocean.

Oddly, the most exciting part of the megayacht could be its eco credentials. Hull 146 will be powered by a state-of-the-art diesel-electric hybrid propulsion system that is more efficient and uses less fuel than conventional setups, CRN says. (Hybrids can run on electricity alone, thereby reducing emissions and fuel costs.) The yard didn’t give any estimates regarding speed and range.

In addition, the yacht will be equipped with an innovative heat recovery system that uses the thermal energy from the generators to heat the water in the pools, the water boilers, and the deck washing system to further reduce fuel consumption.

Hull 146 isn’t the only CRN in the pipeline. Three other custom cruisers are currently being built at Ferretti’s superyacht yard in Ancona: the 220-foot Project Maranello, the 230-foot Project Thunderball, and an epic 279-footer. It is certainly going to be a busy year for CRN.