Sonos Just Unveiled Its First Pair of Headphones
Priced at HK$3,999, the Sonos Ace will be available globally starting 5 June.
BY Rachel Cormack  |  May 26, 2024
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Image courtesy of Sonos

Sonos is best known for great-sounding speakers—the Beam soundbar even earned a Robb Report 2024 Audio Award—but that could soon change. The California-based audio company unveiled its first pair of headphones on Tuesday.

“They’re here,” Sonos CEO Patrick Spence said in a statement. “Fans have asked us for years to bring the Sonos experience to headphones—and we knew our first foray into the category needed to champion the type of innovation and sound experience Sonos has become synonymous with.”

Christened the Sonos Ace, the over-the-ear Bluetooth cans were designed to deliver top-notch audio without sacrificing style or comfort. Priced at HK$3,999 a pop, the Ace is in the same premium category as Sony’s WH-1000XM5 or Master & Dynamic’s MW75 but is distinguished by a decidedly sleek design.

The Sonos Ace is available in black and white.
Image courtesy of Sonos

Available in either black or white, the Ace showcases a slim profile and an elegant matte finish. Each pair is made of luxurious lightweight materials and weighs a scant 312 grams. Sonos says the memory foam interior gently cradles the ears, while the custom headband and cups create the perfect acoustic seal without snagging any hair. In addition, the intuitive fold-flat cans can be easily stored in the accompanying travel case to ensure they stay in good nick.

The headphones can be charged to 10 per cent in three minutes.
Image courtesy of Sonos

The Ace will offer ace audio, too. The two custom-designed drivers render each frequency with impeccable precision and clarity, according to Sonos. High-fidelity sound will abound in songs, podcasts, and phone calls. Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) can remove the background racket, while “Aware” mode focuses on your surroundings. Wear detection pauses the music when the headphones are removed, too. And Ace is compatible with Sonos soundbars, meaning that you can listen to the TV audio via the headphones with the push of a button. The tactile buttons ensure all controls are easy to use, as well.

The fold-flat cans come with a compact travel case.
Image courtesy of Sonos

Sonos says you can listen or talk for up to 30 hours before the Ace requires more juice. Ultra-fast charging via the included USB-C cable will get three hours of battery life in just three minutes.

“True to Sonos’ heritage of premium products, each individual detail of Sonos Ace has been expertly crafted, custom-designed, and tuned by the world’s leading sound experts to give you a listening experience unlike any other,” adds Sonos chief product officer Maxime Bouvat-Merlin.

Perhaps Sonos will be known for great-sounding headphones soon, too.