Lunar New Year 2024: 7 Jewellery Pieces to Usher in the Year of the Dragon
Add a little sparkle to kick off the Lunar New Year.
BY P.Ramakrishnan  |  January 23, 2024
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An auspicious year for many, there’s a lot riding on the year of the Wood Dragon, which begins on 10 February 2024. In Chinese culture, the dragon represents strength, success, and honour. Not only is it the only mythological creature of the lot, but it is also considered one of the luckiest zodiac signs in Chinese astrology. It is predicted that this year will be good to build a solid foundation for something with long-term potential, and you know how they say that a diamond is forever… Ipso facto, it is time to make some sound investment in jewellery, be it a simple pendent or a vintage gem. 

Anna Hu

Image courtesy of Anna Hu

A tale as old as time, we are mesmerised by the rich colours of this dragon’s tail, made entirely of Paraiba tourmalines, sapphires, and diamonds that coil around a central Burmese royal blue sapphire (weighing a whopping 24.57 carats). Anna Hu has been a perennial favourite for her novel interpretations of classic concepts, putting an original spin on popular themes, resulting in refined, often unique accessories. A prodigal musician at heart, her jewels always hit the right note. Shop here.


Image courtesy of Cartier

Perched upon an octagonal tourmaline of 30.11 carats, Cartier’s fierce, gem-studded dragon—an exquisite creature from the maison’s bestiary—holds a yellow diamond in one claw, channelling a powerful energy that runs from scale to limb. Cartier’s Bailong brooch is part of the Le Voyage Recommencé collection, and though it was not burnished into existence for the occasion of the Lunar New Year festivities, it’s just perfect for it. Shop here

David Yurman

What we love about David Yurman’s jewellery is the complexity and rarity of his limited-edition pieces. Just as we were looking at the Legends Naga Dragon bracelet in 18-carat gold, it sold out. Fear not, for Farfetch has an unusual sterling-silver amulet with a dragon motif by David Yurman up for grabs. A talisman to brandish for protection, amulets have historically been used as good-luck charms or phylactery. With a carved goldfish on one side and a striking dragon on the other, its chinoiserie-chic from the American icon, protecting you from the evil eye. Shop here.


More of a fashion-lite accessory than the heftier pieces in this list, our necks are craning for the latest non-traditional Year of the Dragon accessories from the house of Gucci. Its ready-to-wear pieces feature charming renditions of the otherwise feared dragon—for one, the Baby Dragon enamelled charm necklace is simply too cute for words. Made of sterling silver with an easy clasp enclosure, it’s an easy-to-wear and ready-to-wear accessory. Shop here.

Louis Vuitton

Image courtesy of Louis Vuitton

Created to celebrate the Lunar New Year, the Louis Vuitton Dragon pendant has already sold out in half the stores in Hong Kong (yes, we checked!) but it is still up for grabs in the six other locales in the city. Here’s a distinctly fashionable accessory that adds a unique signature to any ensemble. Strung from an adjustable chain, the piece features a detailed Vivienne figurine atop a dragon, articulated in silver and coloured enamel. Made in Italy, it is perfect for LV fans. Shop here


Image courtesy of Mikimoto

Embodying the spirit of the majestic dragon, there are several brooches and accessories from Mikimoto’s exquisite jewellery collection that are ripe for the picking. Highlighting the raw beauty of akoya cultured pearls, the designs of dragons toying with a ball made entirely of a luminescent pearl is exquisite, and among the treasure trove, our eyes darted towards the jewellery… tray. A grand gifting option, it features a yellow gold-plated dragon ascending through the clouds, holding a large pearl in its claws, emblematic of the power and grace of the fabled fanged one. Shop here.  


Image courtesy of Sotheby’s

A gold, enamel, and diamond wrap bracelet is up for grabs at Sotheby’s, unsurprisingly—hold your dragon breath—at a starting bid of HK$140,000-plus. Upon close inspection, this unique piece is studded with 78 diamonds wrapped in yellow and white gold, with red, green, and blue enamel in striking contrast to the sparkling round diamonds that encircle the twisted mythical creature with the fiercest of expressions. Not for the faint of heart, or wallet. Bid here.


Shanghai Tang

Now that you have them all, where are you going to store all these treasures? How about a lacquered jewellery box from Shanghai Tang? The gold imprint of the dragon silhouette, visible when you open this elegant treasure box, has just the right touch of myth and mystique. Shop here