Flight of Fancy: TAG Aviation Soars to the Skies with an Unblemished Record
Safety, quality, efficiency, versatility—ticking all the boxes, flying private makes the high life so appealing.
BY Robb Report Hong Kong  |  September 13, 2023
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Tag Aviation

As global travel experiences a return to normal, the truth of the matter is that most airports are not back to the heydays of pre-pandemic efficiency, let alone quality of service. Headlines in newspapers have indicated that terminals are understaffed and overworked, timely departure is a luck of the draw, and a pending threat of lost baggage is always hanging overhead; did your baggage land with you—or is halfway to Timbuktu?

Fortunately, the sweet mercy of flying private obliterates every single hassle that one has come to expect when travelling—especially out of busy international hubs that have not been upgraded since the 1960s, which is true of several capitals studded in Europe and the Americas. To swan above the daily grind, you need to tag yourself onto a reliable private jet service.

TAG Aviation has been in service in Hong Kong for nearly 17 years with an unblemished record that needs to be noted. As we unshackle ourselves from the haze of the last few years, safety, cleanliness (and we do mean clinical spotlessness), efficiency, and alacrity are all in the offing on a silver platter. 

A key objective to the company’s “philosophy of excellence,” you’d be hard-pressed to find anything lacking in quality of service, technical proficiency, and TAG Aviation’s famed personalisation that ensures every valued guest feels on top of the world—rather literally, as over the past 50 remarkable years, TAG Aviation has operated in 11 global locations as well as covered the skies above continents, providing efficiency and excellence in international aviation.

It’s a standard of excellence that has been continuously recognised by governing bodies. TAG Aviation achieved IS-BAO Stage 3 certification continuously, the highest level of achievement of a recommended code of best practice established by the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations, demonstrating the company’s commitment to developing and maintaining an effective safety management system in business aviation. TAG Aviation also renewed its accreditation to the Wyvern Wingman safety programme last summer, adding another feather to its well-festooned cap. Just think of it as the aircraft’s health management, where every technical aspect is tried and tested to ensure the security and well-being of guests, pilots, and crew. 

A global expansion seems to be in motion as the company sets up base camps in enchanting locations around the world. TAG Aviation officially opened its first FBO (fixed-base operator) within APAC in 2019, spotlighting Macau as a fabulous alternative for Hong Kong travellers who want to jet out easily when the airport is too busy and jam-packed. It marks a milestone for TAG Aviation as it’s one of the very few companies given permission by the airport to operate on its premises, providing aeronautical services for private and recreational flying. 

TAG Macau FBO offers a comprehensive suite of incredible passenger services, including VIP and business-executive amenities, and on-site customs and immigration clearance—it’s a seamless exercise for VIPs that can venture from car to plane with minimum fuss. To maintain the impeccable safety record, aircraft maintenance and servicing and logistics like flight planning and chartering capabilities are also handled at the facility.

Even better, TAG Aviation understands the importance of travelling with pets and therefore looks after all the family’s needs.  Board your private flight with pet in tow without any hassles or hiccups, with no crates nor endless pre-boarding paperwork involved—stress-free furry friends and their caregivers fly happily.

As every health-related feature talks about a stress-free lifestyle to improve your overall well-being and mindset, why not destress yourself by booking your travels—be it for business, pleasure, or a happy mix of both—with the team that prides themselves on being the best in the business?

All images courtesy of TAG Aviation.