This New 178-Foot Trimaran Concept Has Two Tilting Masts So It Can Glide Under Bridges
The nifty “folding” multihull can get where most other sailing yachts can’t.
BY Rachel Cormack  |  November 2, 2022
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Designer Steve Kozloff has added innovative tilting sailing rigs to just about every type of vessel, from explorers to gigayachts. Now it’s the trimaran’s turn.

The California-based designer has just unveiled a new concept, known as Epiphany, which is equipped with two masts that can be rotated and lowered on demand. The new 178-footer is the latest model in Kozloff’s Goliath Series of “folding” yachts that are designed around Chantiers de L’Atlantique’s Solid Sail system.

Epiphany cuts a striking silhouette with a trio of sleek steel hulls and a lightweight aluminum superstructure. Spread across three decks, the living quarters are characterized by large windows that offer sweeping views. The generous 700-square-foot owner’s suite is located in the bow of the center hull, while two VIPs can be found in the cross beam. Elsewhere, there are three twins for additional guests and a couple of cabins for the crew.

Epiphany Sailing Trimaran Concept
Under sail power, Epiphany can reach eight knots. Steve Kozloff

The upper deck is equipped with a sprawling saloon and a swanky piano bar with a white baby grand. From here, you can head outside to enjoy the swimming pool on the aft deck. There is also a deck on each outer hull for more private lounging. The real pièce de résistance is the retractable beach club at the stern, which flows across all hulls to create a 1,500-square-foot waterside playground.

Another highlight is Epiphany’s toy selection. The full-beam garage can hold a tender, an Icon A5 seaplane and a Nemo U-Boat Worx submarine. There is also a telescoping crane system integrated into the boom of each mast that can get everything into the water.

Epiphany Sailing Trimaran Concept
The piano bar is located on the upper deck. Steve Kozloff

In terms of performance, Kozloff claims Epiphany’s Solid Sail system has many advantages over a traditional rig. The two free-standing masts can tilt 70 degrees forward to reduce the air draft from 145.5 feet to 92 feet and enable the vessel to sail under most bridges. Each mast can also rotate a full 360 degrees to maximize wind power. On top of that, the sails can be automatically set or dropped in a snap. The rig is free of pesky yards and shrouds, plus it has integrated load-sensing technology that tells the captain how much to drive it. Kozloff says it’s cheaper than other setups, too.

Under sail power, Epiphany can reach eight knots. Running on diesel engines, meanwhile, the vessel can cruise at 10 knots for 4,800 miles. Kozloff adds that the range can be extended with careful management of the yacht’s hybrid propulsion system.

Can we get a “folding” catamaran next?

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Epiphany Sailing Trimaran Concept
Steve Kozloff