At This London Restaurant, a Server With ‘Gorgeous Hands’ Will Feed You Grapes
Bacchanalia is bringing ancient Rome back.
BY Tori Latham  |  December 14, 2022
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In depictions of ancient Rome and Greece, the pinnacle of luxury is being hand-fed grapes, ideally while also being held aloft by beautiful, strong men (because walking and feeding yourself are activities only for peasants). Now, you can at least carry out the first part of that fantasy.

Bacchanalia, a forthcoming London restaurant, has hired what it calls the city’s first grape feeder, the New York Post reported on Tuesday. The new spot, which will serve Greek and Italian fare, is hoping to be as much an experience—a “feast for the senses,” its website says—as it is a place to grab dinner.

On Sunday, the restaurant took out a full-page ad in the United Kingdom’s Sunday Times to advertise the role, which was quickly filled. A few of the requirements included “gorgeous hands” (obviously) and a basic grasp of Greek and Latin (authenticity is key). The grape-feeding employee would get to enjoy perks such as regular manicures (to keep those hands gorgeous) and “the finest” food and wine.

Some people seem to have been confused by the ad, wondering whether it was promoting an actual job, but it does appear that the grape feeder will be a real employee at Bacchanalia. Caprice Holdings Restaurants, the parent company, also owns the London outpost of New York’s Balthazar, along with something called Sexy Fish, which should give you an idea of what sort of restaurant experience it’s selling. Bacchanalia will fit right in.

And while we feel a little sad for the poor soul who will have to feed grapes to drunken revelers, it is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to live out your Roman god or goddess dreams—if that’s the sort of thing you’re into.

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