Culinary Masters: Florita Morais Alves, Chef de Cuisine of La Famiglia
June 21, 2024

This story is part of a series of features covering MGM x RR1HK Culinary Masters Macau 2024, hosted at MGM COTAI in Macau on 28–30 June 2024.

With an ambitious theme of “Savor 700 Years of Silk Road Flavors: A Gastronomic Odyssey,” this year’s MGM x RR1HK Culinary Masters Macau 2024 will bring together stellar chefs from Asia, Europe, and the Middle East for a meticulously prepared dinner. One of the chefs taking part is the grand dame of Macanese cuisine, the force behind La Famiglia: chef Florita Morais Alves. In conversation over a hot meal prepared by the good chef, she discusses how Macanese food is a glorious amalgam of so many diverse cultures. Read more here.

Video by Chris Yau