Leaders of Luxury: Horacio Pagani, Founder of Pagani Automobili
April 3, 2024

For the latest edition of Leaders of Luxury, we engage in exclusive conversation with motoring royalty, a man who needs little introduction as his name is eponymous with the masterful hypercar he created: Horacio Pagani.

His legend was built on just three cars: the Zonda (the first car he produced in 1992), the Huayra, and Utopia. Each car has been listed among the best of the best in luxury automobiles, year after year, decade after decade.

In this business, there are no overnight successes. Pagani came from humble beginnings in Argentina, long before his stint at Renault and Lamborghini. He speaks at length about his company’s philosophy, his inspiration and, as always, what luxury means to him today.