This Rare 10-Carat Pink Diamond Could Fetch Up to HK$93.6 Million at Auction
The gem will go under the gavel at Christie’s this June.
BY Rachel Cormack  |  May 27, 2024
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Image courtesy of Christie’s

Pink diamonds have become incredibly scarce in the past few years, but one such rarity will lead Christie’s Magnificent Jewels auction this summer.

Fittingly christened the Eden Rose, this particular pink diamond is big, beautiful, and brilliant. As such, the auction house expects it will hammer down for between US$9 million and US$12 million (HK$70.2 million and HK$93.6 million) at the sale in June.

Weighing an impressive 10.20 carats, the fancy intense gem exhibits a pure pink hue that is exceptionally rare. Natural pink diamonds typically display secondary hues such as purple, orange, or grey, but the Eden Rose is entirely one colour. The stone has been awarded Type IIa classification, meaning it is chemically the most pure. It also showcases remarkable flawless clarity, naturally. In addition, the round brilliant cut accentuates the stone’s natural attributes and ensures a mesmerising display of brilliance.

The Eden Rose is 10.20 carats.
Image courtesy of Christie’s

The Eden Rose has never before been offered at auction, and Christie’s expects it will receive quite a bit of attention from international collectors at the upcoming sale. “Christie’s excels in presenting our collectors with the highest level of quality, exemplified by the Eden Rose,” Rahul Kadakia, Christie’s International head of jewellery said in a statement. “Given its rarity, we are anticipating significant interest from around the world.”

Since the closure of Western Australia’s Argyle Mine in 2020, the demand for pink diamonds has outstripped a rapidly dwindling supply. Still, Christie’s has sent several notable stones under the gavel. The 18.96-carat Winston Pink Legacy achieved US$50 million (HK$390.3 million) in 2018, setting a world record price per carat (US$2.65 million/HK$20.6 million) for a pink diamond sold at auction. Other notable sales include the 14.93-carat Pink Promise (US$32.1 million/HK$250.6 million), the 15.81-carat Sakura (US$29.3 million/HK$228.7 million), the 12.04 Martian Pink (US$17.4 million/HK$135.8 million), and the 14.23-carat Perfect Pink (US$23.2 million/HK$181.1 million). The auction house says the Eden Rose is the most significant of this style of pink diamond to be offered at auction since the Martian Pink.

The stone has received Type IIa classification.
Image courtesy of Christie’s

You can see the bling in person, too. The Eden Rose will be exhibited at Christie’s Hong Kong from 24 to 27 May and at Christie’s Rockefeller Center in New York City from 7 to 10 June. The Magnificent Jewels auction will take place on 11 June.