This New 131-Foot Catamaran Comes With See-Through Hulls
Tecnomar has followed up one polarising multihull with another.
BY Rachel Cormack  |  April 3, 2024
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Image courtesy of Tecnomar

Tecnomar just unveiled the spiritual successor to the feather-ruffling 143-foot catamaran This Is It.

The new Cat 133 model showcases the same futuristic design as its polarising predecessor, with sweeping, curved lines, a sleek aluminium superstructure, and swathes of striking glass. That is not exactly surprising, of course, as both vessels were penned by the Italian Sea Group’s Centro Stile division. Both sporty multihulls also take design cues from the automotive world.

The major difference between the two is size: The new 131-footer has a volume of under 499 GT, while This Is It has a volume of approximately 750 GT. Tecnomar says the new cat still offers an impressive amount of space for its length, though. The exterior decks measure more than 3,000 square feet, for example.

Rendering of a luxury catamaran with see-through hulls on water, with a swimming platform.
The swimming platform.
Image courtesy of Tecnomar

Another highlight of Cat 133 is the stern: Two hulls, two internal wings, and two foldable side doors come together to create a swimming platform that is about 52 feet wide when fully opened. This Is It, on the other hand, has more of an enclosed aft deck and two fixed swim platforms.

The interior details of Cat 133 have not yet been shared, but the vessel will be able to accommodate up to 10 guests and 11 crew. This Is It sleeps a total of 12 guests and 12 crew in a bright asymmetric interior with skylights and floor-to-ceiling windows aplenty. As for amenities, This Is It features an indoor cinema, a curved cocktail bar, a spa, a playroom, and a two-level vertical garden. Hopefully, Cat 133 is also blessed with some of those glitzy features. (The renders show it has a small infinity pool on the aft of the upper deck, at least.)

Rendering of the side of a luxury catamaran, showing see-through hulls.
The aluminium superstructure.
Image courtesy of Tecnomar

Regarding power, the newcomer is equipped with twin MAN V-12 engines and two 50-kW electric bow thrusters that enable a maximum speed of 17 knots and a cruising speed of 15 knots. This Is It is a hair quicker, with the ability to hit 21.5 knots at full tilt or cruise at 20 knots.

Something Cat 133 has that This Is It does not is the ability to generate clean, green power: Roughly 750 square feet of solar panels are integrated into the cat’s superstructure arches and hardtop. Cat 133 is certainly smaller than This Is It, but it may be more sustainable.