This Luxury Maternity Company is Transforming the Postpartum Care Industry
Saint Bella’s groundbreaking care centres are the premiere destinations for parents and baby.
BY Robb Report Hong Kong  |  April 25, 2024
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The leading luxury maternity and baby care company Saint Bella has modernised and elevated the very concept of postpartum recovery by creating remarkable retreats for new mothers and babies. Ensuring that the first chapter of a baby’s life is filled with round-the-clock professional care, as well as soothing recovery, warm comfort, and plush pampering for mothers, ancient practices of postpartum care are creatively modernised in novel ways. 

With a strong presence across Asia, the award-winning maternity care company partners with upscale hotels to provide mothers and newborns with luxurious spaces to recuperate after giving birth, providing care at the most opportune and crucial time. 

Postpartum care is not a newfangled concept; spanning Asia in multiple iterations, be it zuo yue zi in China, Malaysia, or Singapore, or joriwon in South Korea, the act of confinement has been a traditional activity that incorporates recovery diets and guidelines to ensure new mother and child rest and recuperate holistically. Saint Bella has not only enhanced this pre- and post-natal nurturing, but it has sensitively addressed taking care of a woman’s physical and mental well-being with curated programmes and restorative essential treatments.   

In traditional ways, the “sitting month” sees mothers trying to take up prolonged bed rest, as relatives, friends, and caregivers support raising and caring for a new baby. At Saint Bella, this practice has been perfected, curated, and edified, as the luxury brand offers new mothers the chance to recuperate in top luxury hotels with 24-hour care from professional nurses.

What’s incredible is how Saint Bella has created an all-important niche category in the luxury market and made it its own—the three-pronged operational model of upscale accommodations, maternity care, and baby care under the umbrella of one warm company that, in its essence, is all about caregiving. Saint Bella is gaining unprecedented popularity; what began in China is now growing across the region, as the nurturing environment presented to new families is embraced not only by the Asian diaspora, but beyond.

Part of Saint Bella’s essential approach is to have trained and certified maternal and infant caretakers. Guests receive continuous, one-on-one nursing care from experienced and senior postpartum caregivers; these infant care specialists are trained in postpartum and newborn care, breastfeeding support, post-natal rehabilitation and nutrition, and early-childhood education, ensuring the team possesses both scientific nursing principles and skills. 

Best of all is that the programmes for postpartum care take place in luxurious accommodations. Saint Bella has established long-term partnerships with top-tier international hotels such as Waldorf Astoria, Peninsula, Mandarin Oriental, Rosewood, and Raffles, with over 50 stores across Asia and plans for more openings in the coming year.

While most postpartum care facilities focus on the physical recovery of mothers and the care of newborns with a clinical approach, Saint Bella looks after both the physical and psychological well-being of the new parent. Concepts like holistic therapies are incorporated into nurturing new parents. Depending on the mood and condition of the new mother, guests can cherry-pick activities that engage both mother and baby with indulgent therapies that incorporates all senses. Options in the menu include musical therapy to poetry readings, reflections through art to afternoon conversations. One afternoon, a new mum can appreciate the cello with musicians performing in the room live, or partake in a traditional tea ceremony, craft French-style hats, or try immersive sensory art therapy. The menu of options changes according to the feedback of the guests and depends entirely on their whim and fancy. 

Saint Bella’s exemplary services have been so popular that the brand is on its way to growing internationally—the first overseas branch opened in October 2023, situated within a prestigious hotel on Singapore’s Sentosa Island. Another establishment is set to launch this year in Newport Beach in California—a coastal paradise boasting pristine beaches and upscale shopping.  As the brand embarks on its journey of global expansion, strategic plans are underway to introduce Saint Bella’s presence to key cities such as New York, Sydney, and Bangkok.

Eventually, significant cities around the globe will be dotted with Saint Bella’s network of postnatal retreats and maternity and baby care centres, so new parents can benefit from the most premium family care, embracing a natural, nurturing facility like no other.

All images courtesy of Saint Bella.