Mercedes-Maybach’s First Plug-In Hybrid Delivers 510 HP and Plenty of Glamour
The electrified saloon will launch in China first.
BY Bryan Hood  |  March 9, 2023
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Mercedes-Maybach is adding some electricity to its lineup.

The German marque’s luxury sub-brand unveiled its first plug-in hybrid model, the S 580 e, on Thursday. The graceful sedan features the smallest engine of any of Maybach’s S-Class saloons, but thanks to a little electrical assistance it’s more powerful than its purely gas-powered equivalent, the S 580 4Matic.

At the heart of the Maybach S 580 e is a 3.0-liter inline-six engine. The mill produces a maximum of 367 hp and 368 ft lbs of torque, making it smaller and less potent than the 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V-8 found in its sibling, which generates 496 hp and 516 ft lbs of torque. Of course, the Maybach S 580 e has more than just an internal-combustion engine under the hood. There’s also an electric motor that produces up to 150 hp and 325 ft lbs of torque. Combine the two and total system output jumps to 510 hp and 553 ft lbs of torque.

Mercedes‑Maybach S 580 e

While Maybach builds tend to place more of an emphasis on comfort and elegance than visceral thrills, the new S 580 e can really move. The sub-brand says its saloon will be able to sprint from zero to 62 mph in 5.1 seconds and hit a top speed of 155 mph. We don’t know how many owners will feel the need to push the car to its limits, but its nice to know you can if need be.

Mercedes didn’t disclose how big the battery powering the Maybach S 580 e’s hybrid system is, but the vehicle has a maximum all-electric range of up to 62 miles. The car comes with an 11-kW charger, but a bigger 60-kW DC charger is available as an option. If you choose the upgrade you’ll be able to refill the battery completely in just 30 minutes.

There are plenty of changes under the hood, but the rest of the car appears to have been left untouched. The four-door is seven inches longer than the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, which means it looks that much more commanding and has more legroom inside its opulent cabin. The exterior, meanwhile, has more chrome accents and the trademark Maybach grille. In fact, if it weren’t for a subtle charging port and a blue tint to the headlamps, you wouldn’t even know the car was a hybrid.

Unfortunately, those interested in the Maybach S 580e may be in for a wait. The vehicle will launch in China first, with Europe and other regions to follow. Expect pricing info if and when it is confirmed for the US, but we imagine it will cost around the same as the Maybach S 580 4Matic, which starts at US$184,900 (HK$1.45 million).