Lunar New Year 2024: 7 Menswear & Accessories Collections Celebrating the Dragon Motif
From the subtle and sublime to the obvious and the artistic, menswear is rocking a dragon imprint this season.
BY P.Ramakrishnan  |  January 24, 2024
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Image courtesy of Prada

Embedding the dragon motif into menswear is not a new concept but doing it well in contemporary design is something else entirely—cue flashbacks to Ed Hardy denims from the 2000s that skewered the psychedelic dragon print as it was slapped on the seams and posterior of jeans and denim jackets. Fast-forward to 2024 and, courtesy of stylish edits and cleaner aesthetics, and the designs tell a different kind of mystical tail. The Year of the Wood Dragon cometh, and it’s setting fashion ablaze. Here are some of our favourite Lunar New Year pieces celebrating the dragon.

Image courtesy of Berluti


An unexpected nod to Lunar New Year, we did not foresee that Berluti would create an exquisitely crafted capsule collection we’d like oh so much. This season, the Parisian brand serves up pieces tattooed with graphic, decorative elements featuring the dragon motif. We liked the leather accessories (watch cases, bags, and suitcases) in classic shades such as Cacao Intenso and St Emilion Red, but as the temperatures tend to drop this time of year, we’re opting to highlight the full menswear look from this famed maison. Layer up entirely with the dragon-logoed t-shirt and the embroidered wool jumper (the coiling dragon and the seamless Asian iconography with Western calligraphy is sewn to perfection)—the knit in luxurious fine wool is a great nod to the myth and magic of a very chinoiserie-chic dragon. 

Image courtesy of Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein

Of course, there’s a dragon print underwear line in shades of red for men and women that Calvin Klein releases almost annually since the brand stepped into the region, but our eyes have darted towards its denim collection, where the dragon overlay print on the back pocket is just the right amount of cultural appreciation over appropriation. With a campaign featuring some of Asia’s biggest models, no doubt you will see the images absolutely everywhere this season. For ideal basics and supreme comfort, Calvin Klein’s still got it.


Early in January, Dior unveiled an exclusive Dior & Otani Workshop capsule collection with designer Kim Jones in collaboration with Japanese artist Otani. Front and centre, the men’s collection features an adorable green dragon conceived by the sculptor. Named Tanilla, the creature makes cameos on sweaters, bombers, t-shirts, and the like, dotted around the Dior spring 2024 collection. While not an obvious nod to the festivities, the dragon motif is perfect for the season as the bewitching character makes a guest appearance. Already on display in Dior boutiques, many of the pieces have been seen on artistic celebrities and the celebrated. Dior’s making all the right moves this season. What will be next


Here’s another unexpected Year of the Dragon collection: The Fendi x FRGMT x Pokémon collaboration was unveiled on 4 January in Hong Kong at the Fendi store in Pacific Place as stars and fans of all ages and stripes attended en masse for a first look. It was hard to pinpoint who was there for the parade of celebrities who hit the red carpet or on behalf of the gigantic Pokémon fan club that’s a global phenomenon subsuming billions. For those familiar with the Japanese animation and video game, the entire Dragonite evolution chain is featured in the designs, which means you’ll find Dratini, Dragonair, and Dragonite’s paw prints on several accessories and casual sweatshirt and hoodies. Will you catch ‘em all?


All around town on billboards, you can find Tian Xiwei and Zhou Yiran wearing the latest Gucci looks from the Year of the Dragon capsule collection. Scales and claws, the dragon’s undulating curves—these are just some design details you’ll find in the ready-to-wear clothes, handbags, shoes, and accessories for both men and women. Even the house’s codes and iconic motifs have morphed into the dragon symbology. In the cosy knitwear, colour-block sneakers, signature handbags, and leather accessories, the nod to the Year of the Dragon is subtle and sophisticated. Gucci’s capsule collection for Lunar New Year is available at only at select Gucci boutiques (check in advance) and online at


Kenzo’s Year of the Dragon capsule collection was released a few weeks ago with menswear, womenswear, and “genderless” jackets in the offing. The reversible embroidered motif and complementary colour scheme (we see lots of primary colours in the 60 pieces that the industrious brand has lined up) stand out in a collection teeming with black, red, yellow, and gold piping. It’s almost like Kenzo knew exactly what the auspicious colours are for the season! Easy to wear, the ready-to-wear jacket has a timeless feel to it, no matter which zodiac animal sign you were born under.

Image courtesy of Prada


And then there’s Prada. Its new advertising campaign for the Lunar New Year collection has such a vintage cinematic feel, texture, and music to it—and why wouldn’t it, when it was shot by cinema icon Wong Kar-wai? Prada’s clips and portraits—the stills are by fashion and art photographer Leslie Zhang—featuring Asia’s biggest stars are inspired by Chinese arthouse films. Marking the festive season, Prada’s curated selection of men’s and women’s ready-to-wear items, bags, footwear, jewellery, and accessories all are dropping in select stores in the region. Dreamy more than dragon-y, there are too many who are gaga for Prada.