Loewe Just Dropped a Luxurious, Earthy Line of Bar and Liquid Soaps
The Spanish luxury house’s newest home offerings come in three botanical scents.
BY Demetrius Simms  |  September 24, 2021
2 Minute Read

Loewe can now literally say its growing line of fragranced products cleans up nice.

On Thursday, the Spanish luxury fashion house debuted a new line of liquid and bar soaps in three premium scents. Available in Oregano, Liquorice and Marihuana, the soaps are inspired by the ancient Greek and Roman practice of integrating therapeutic botanical essences in bathing rituals.

The olfactory notes of all three soaps span an earthy range of aromas. The Liquorice soaps offer a sweet and woody aroma drawn from licorice plant roots. The Oregano soaps give each user’s hands the fragrance of a Mediterranean herb garden with a resinous scent that leaves subtle wood and amber notes on the skin. The Scent of Marihuana soaps encapsulate the aroma of the sativa plant, offering a fresh herbal scent infused with the brand’s favored woody notes. (Loewe clarified in a statement that no actual materials from cannabis plants were used to produce this soap’s fragrance.)

The Oregano and Scent of Marihuana liquid soaps.  

Each of the liquid soaps will reach customers in 360 ml glass bottles, and the brand says they’re packed with a number of nourishing ingredients that hydrate the skin, from jojoba oil to aloe vera and glycerin.

The bar soaps, meanwhile, are infused with soothing shea butter for a moisturizing effect. Each of them is suspended from a rope crafted from 100 percent natural pre-washed linen, which makes it easier to hold onto in the shower. The Scent of Marihuana bar has exfoliating properties the others don’t, including particles of red algae that can help fight dry skin, wrinkles and inflammation.

The solid soaps will retail for US$48, and the liquid soaps cost US$60; both are now available on the brand’s website. The bar soaps are only available online, but the liquid soaps will be available in Loewe’s stores in New York City next week and Miami in December.