Robb Recommends: This Anti-Aging Serum That Delivers Brighter, Tighter-Looking Skin
Guerlain’s newly re-formulated serum packs anti-aging moisture and exfoliation into one product.
BY Kareem Rashed  |  July 28, 2022
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When it comes to grooming products, I’m generally wary of a two-for-one deal. Combo shampoo-conditioners, serum-moisturizers, mask-cleansers—all tend to be better at one side of the hyphen than the other. So, I was skeptical when I began trying Guerlain’s new Abeille Royale Double R Renew & Repair Advanced Serum (not only because of the word soup of a name). This excessively titled unction promises to deliver on two fronts—exfoliation and moisturization—and I was surprised to find that it did both equally well.

The French brand has long harnessed the natural healing powers of honey in its skincare products, employing research carried out by a surgeon who used the nectar to heal patients’ most stubborn wounds. To sum up the decades-long study, honey and royal jelly (another bee product) support the skin’s cellular regeneration. This knowledge has powered a number of Guerlain’s skin products, and the new Double R Advanced serum is actually an updated formulation of a product introduced in 2018 (that’s the “advanced” part).

One variety of Guerlain’s honey being harvested off the coast of France; the serum’s dual-chamber bottle is made with 20 percent recycled glass.  Guerlain

As the name suggests, the serum is actually two products, bottled side-by-side, that are dispensed simultaneously by a single pump. The “renew” half features alpha-hydroxy acids and poly-hydroxy acids (two different grades of natural exfoliants); this time-release pairing gently resurfaces the skin, smoothing its texture and evening its tone. The “repair” half combines the antioxidant-rich, cellular-regenerating power of three kinds of honey and a royal jelly that—for the first time—have been fermented to boost their potency.

Since I haven’t tried the original formulation, I can’t say how this new, super-charged serum compares. I can, however, report that it has made good on its promise. Exfoliating and moisturizing are two regular steps in my skincare routine and this one serum has effectively done the work that I’d previously needed two products to do. It’s a particularly handy combo for skin that’s seen its youthful peak pass but that isn’t ready for full-on wrinkle abatement (or, perhaps, has a doctor to take care of that).

The Double R Advanced serum strikes an ideal balance between the short-term needs of younger skin (pore-tightening, glow-boosting) and the long-term goals of more mature skin (lifting, smoothing). And any product that can streamline my grooming regimen without skimping on results is a twofer deal I’ll gladly take.

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