Forget the Sleigh, Santa. You Can Now Travel the North Pole in a Luxurious Airship
Stay warm in one of the coldest places on earth and arrive in style.
BY Megan C. Hills  |  December 1, 2022
2 Minute Read

Swedish travel company OceanSky Cruises is aiming to redefine Arctic travel, bringing a gigantic luxury airship to the North Pole. The one-of-a-kind expedition is set to launch in 2023, offering travellers a different way to see the world from up high.

Passengers—referred to as “aeronauts” by the company—take off from Longyearbyen in Norway in the Airlander 10: the world’s largest flying vehicle according to OceanSky Cruises. The white football-shaped aircraft uses sustainable technology and helium to take to the skies for the 38-hour journey, floating over glaciers and Arctic wildlife.

With a strong luxury focus, the aircraft features en-suite bedrooms for up to 16 passengers, fine dining, and even its own bar and lounge spaces. Over the course of the 1,311-kilometre journey, guests can expect a cocktail reception in the aircraft’s Altitude Bar, educational lectures, and breakfast with sprawling vistas over the icy landscape.

Renderings of the aircraft’s interiors show rooms surrounded by floor to ceiling windows, including a lounge filled with cream-coloured sofas and a cosy circular booth with glass coffee tables. The Altitude Bar features an array of wine racks, each stocked with varying bottles, with stylish bar seats for guests to perch on.

The journey also doubles as an airborne safari, as the Airlander 10’s four pilots will drift over wildlife and arctic landmarks so you can enjoy the sights without bearing the brunt of freezing temperatures.

All the action isn’t confined solely to the ship, as the Airlander 10 takes guests deeper into the North Pole for their own boots-on-the-ground expedition. With an Arctic expert leading the charge (and providing safety tips), guests will also get to dine amidst glaciers with a snowy Polar Lunch.

Priced at HK$1.8 million (US$230,000) per two-person cabin, OceanSky’s first North Pole cruises are set to take place in 2023.

To make a booking or find more information, see OceanSkyCruises.com