Forget Dinner and a Show. This Luxe Experience Lets You Eat in an Art Gallery While Trying on Jewelry.
Enjoy your food while sitting among Claude Monet paintings and trying on Harry Winston gems, thanks to this one-of-a-kind offering from the Four Seasons New Orleans and antiques store M.S. Rau.
BY Demetrius Simms  |  March 28, 2023
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Four Seasons New Orleans

This new dining experience is serving up much more than chocolate soufflé. 

On Tuesday, Four Seasons New Orleans revealed plans for its Dinner with Impressionists offering that pairs acclaimed artworks with upscale cuisine. Local antiques store M.S. Rau, which sells everything from an Elizabeth Taylor-owned brooch to a US$1.9 million (HK$14.9 million) chess set, partnered up with the luxe hotel to host you at its nearby gallery for a seven-course dinner prepared by executive sous chef Kelley Schmidt. Masterpieces by famous Impressionist painters such as Claude Monet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Camille Pissaro will surround you as you indulge. And to pair with the stunning artwork, you’ll even be able to try on rare and extravagant jewels from names such as Harry Winston as part of a tableside presentation.

A couple enjoying the experience, surrounded by Impressionist-era paintings.
Four Seasons New Orleans

The pieces in M.S. Rau’s Impressionists Room not only serve as dramatic centerpieces for the swanky occasion but also inspiration for your vino, as you’ll also receive wine pours that reflect both the spirit of the paintings and the menu. To add to the luxe ambience, a live New Orleans band will play at the first-of-its-kind dinner to accompany you as you go from enjoying decadent meals to trying on exceptional gems. 

And these jewels are certainly the perfect accessory to the evening. Styles bestowed upon you while you’re seated include a lavish 38-carat Golconda diamond necklace by Harry Winston that was once owned by heiress Christina Onassis; a Burma ruby necklace by French Crown Jewels; and an emerald tourmaline brooch that formerly belonged to Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor.

After the regal dinner, you’ll retire to a luxe Presidential Suite where scenic views of the Mississippi River and local cityscape are on display. Designed by Bill Rooney Studio, each suite spans over 2,400 square feet with a bright, modern design. In addition to great views, each space includes marble-clad bathrooms with a free-standing tub, an elegant private office, a personal gym, an oversized walk-in closet and specially curated artworks. When you’re ready to explore New Orleans, you can book a private ride in a historic streetcar and a private concert at the French Quarter’s iconic Preservation Hall jazz venue. With this level of care, you may not want to leave—and we wouldn’t blame you. 

Primary bedroom inside the Presidential Suite at Four Seasons New Orleans.
Christian Horan/Four Seasons New Orleans

“For this exclusive partnership with the hotel, we wanted to offer something that could be found nowhere else,” says Bill Rau, third-generation owner of M.S. Rau, in a statement. “M.S. Rau and Four Seasons epitomize luxury, and we wanted to create an experience that would remain in the diner’s memory as not only a highlight of their stay in New Orleans, but throughout their lives.” Mali Carow, general manager of Four Season Hotel New Orleans, added that “the experience is perfect for a special celebratory proposal, anniversary, birthday or any occasion where guests are seeking an unforgettable evening in one of America’s most culturally rich destinations.”

The Dinner with Impressionists experience is exclusively available to those who book a two-night’s stay in the Presidential Suite, with pricing for the one-of-a-kind experience starting at US$25,000 (HK$196,000). Visit the Four Seasons New Orleans website for more details.