Caviar’s Bonkers New iPhones Come Encrusted With a Rolex Daytona
The limited-edition iPhones have striking horological displays that may rival your wrist candy.
BY Demetrius Simms  |  December 7, 2022
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Caviar has given the iPhone an update—and not the technical kind.

The luxury brand, known for its outlandish accessories, just unveiled two decidedly blingy takes on the iPhone 14 Pro that are bedazzled with high-end watch parts. The newcomers, known as the Daytona iPhone 14 Pro Max and Skeleton Booster iPhone 14 Pro, join Caviar’s “Grand Complications” series, which takes Apple’s prized design to the extreme.

As its name suggests, the one-off Daytona (priced at roughly US$134,250) features the dial of a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona on its caseback. As Rolex collectors may know, this iconic timepiece was named after Florida’s famous Daytona Beach and Road Course racetrack. It makes sense, then, that Caviar’s smartphone was inspired by racecars of the 1930s. Specifically, the Bluebird V that racer Malcolm Campbell used to set a land speed record of 276 mph at Daytona back in 1935. To that end, the case is equipped with an 18-karat gold speedometer and oil and fuel indicators that mirror the analog gauges of a racecar, along with three decorative switches.

Caviar's Daytona iPhone 14 Pro Max displays
A close-up look at the Daytona iPhone 14 Pro Max’s dashboard-like displays. Caviar

The Skeleton Booster, meanwhile, showcases the intricate inner workings of an implanted skeletonized dial. While it doesn’t come with a Daytona, the smartphone still pays homage to four-wheelers by emulating the “brutal look” of supercar mechanics. Think polished titanium “grills,” carbon accents and a stealthy black PVD coating. Limited to just 99, the Skeleton Booster will set you back US$10,320.

Caviar's Skeleton Booster skeletonized movement display
The Skeleton Booster’s caseback is topped with a skeletonized movement display. Caviar

Caviar entered the luxury world in 2011 with a collection of eccentric gold phones based on the iPhone 4. More than a decade later, the brand now has 18 different collections and has also started riffing on Samsung devices. To date, Caviar has unveiled quirky designs based on space conquerors, zodiac signs, planets and even visionaries like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk.

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