Bentley Will Make Just 16 of Its New Batur Convertible
The marque plans to build just 16 examples of the gorgeous two-seater.
BY Bryan Hood  |  May 10, 2024
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Image courtesy of Bentley

Bentley’s coachbuilding business continues to raise the bar for itself.

The British luxury marque unveiled the third in its series of limited-run Mulliner models, the Batur Convertible, on Tuesday. The hand-built grand tourer comes with all the decadent details you could want and will be one of the automaker’s last cars to feature its storied W-12 mill.

The open-top wonder, like its coupé counterpart, is based on the Continental GT. The new Batur may lack a roof, but nearly everything else—from its razor-thin headlights to its contoured shape and aero package—is the same. As with its predecessors, which include the Bacalar barchetta, what really separates this convertible from other Bentleys are the details and customisation options. The Mulliner team spends months working directly with customers to build the exact vehicle they want and says it will deliver any colour, finish material, or graphic they can dream up.

Inside the Batur convertible.
Image courtesy of Bentley

The Batur convertible’s near-endless list of customisation options isn’t limited to the exterior. Bentley also wants the two-seater’s cabin to be a canvas for self-expression and offers all manner of finish and material options. There are a couple of key features the brand seems especially proud of, though. The first is the “airbridge” behind the seats that harkens back to the barchetta cars of old and doubles as a semi-enclosed luggage area. The second is a 3D-printed rose-gold trim for all the key driver touch points. The car comes with a retractable soft-top, although no pictures have been made available, that can be deployed in around 20 seconds at speeds of up to 30 mph.

The latest Mulliner build will be one of Bentley’s last cars to come with a twin-turbocharged 6.0-litre W-12, the marque said in a press release. When the company teased the model earlier this month, it said it would feature the “most potent iteration” of the mill. It does, but the engine is identical in every way, including performance, to the 12-cylinder found in the Batur coupé. Its 740 hp and 738 ft lbs of torque probably isn’t going to disappoint anyone, though. No performance numbers were provided, but the coupé can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in 3.3 seconds and hit a top speed of 209 mph.

Image courtesy of Bentley

Bentley plans to build just 16 examples of the Batur convertible, each of which will take “several months” to build by hand in the Mulliner workshop. Don’t bother reaching out to the company about putting your name down for the open-top GT, as the entire production run is already spoken for. The marque hasn’t said how much the vehicle costs, but it’s expected to be in the same neighbourhood as the US$2.1 million (HK$16.4 million) the coupé version cost.

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