Air France Unveils New Fully Flat Business-Class Seats With Sliding Doors
Composed of wool and full-grain French leather, the cushy new seats will also all have aisle access.
BY Demetrius Simms  |  May 13, 2022
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Air France has redesigned its premium cabins to make your next long-range flight a lot more comfortable.

Starting in September, select Air France business class cabins will feature all-new seats based on the company’s three “Fs”: Full Flat, Full Access and Full Privacy. The first of the trio means your seat will transform into a bed almost six-and-a-half-feet-long, while the second grants all seats direct access to the aisle—so no need to climb over your row mate. Finally, the latter “F” will provide you with total privacy thanks to new sliding doors.

Air France New Business-Class Seating Overhead

An overhead view of the updated business-class seating on AirFrance.  AirFrance

Each of the 48 business-class seats will feature a soft padding that is composed of wool, brushed aluminum and full-grain French leather. And as you settle in for long flights, a 17.3-inch 4k high-definition screen and noise-cancelling headsets will be accessible for enjoying over 1,000 hours of entertainment. Or if you’re traveling with a companion in the center rows of the section, you can simply press down on the central panel to lower the divider and have a chat.

Dubbed “Fontainebleau”, the first official aircraft to offer these luxe accommodations will fly to New York’s JFK Airport this fall. From there, the upgrades will be rolled-our across 12 other Boeing 777-300s, according to Air France.

Air France New Business-Class Seating Compartment

Noise-cancelling headphone available alongside each seat.  AirFrance

It’s not just the front of the plane that’s getting a new look, either. The French airline is installing 273 Economy seats and 48 Premium Economy seats on the updated planes. The latter will feature the recliner-type seat model that is currently in use on Air France’s Airbus A350. These offer a considerable amount of legroom as well as a recline of 124 degrees; the seats have also been been widened to enhance your privacy. Noise-canceling headphones will be featured here, too, allowing for a more relaxing flight.

Air France New Business-Class Seating Back View

A look at the 17.3-inch high-definition screens in business class.  AirFrance

A final standout addition to the updated planes is a new Bluetooth connection. In case you don’t feel comfortable using the provided headphones, the wireless connection will allow you to pair personal audio devices with the screens to enjoy in-flight content worry-free. When the time comes to recharge your Airpod Pros and Beats alike, you’ll find several electrical sockets placed in or near your seats to help power up your devices.

Air France has been transporting US travelers to the City of Lights and beyond since 1933. In addition to its strict health and hygiene measures, the airline’s new curvy and comfortable cabins will help make the experience a little more comfortable—and, as befits a French airline, a bit more stylish too. For more information, visit AirFrance.com.