A Rare Visit to Hendrick’s Gin Palace
British icon Hendrick’s Gin opens its doors for the first time to welcome you into its uniquely eccentric Scotland palace.
BY Mark Ellwood  |  March 15, 2023
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John Paul

Tucked away on the coast of Ayrshire in Scotland is a palace that’s off-limits to the public (and to royalty, too): Hendrick’s Gin Palace, an invite-only destination where visitors can immerse themselves in the creation of the liquor, with access strictly contained to trade partners and a scant few industry VIPs. It’s a temple to the Rube Goldberg–like eccentricity that’s synonymous with Hendrick’s, festooned with taxidermy peacocks and a hothouse that grows Buddha’s hand and similarly freakish varieties of citrus. 

Ordinary gin lovers have never been invited—until now. Hendrick’s will welcome a Robb Report reader and their guests, who’ll be squired round the site by the British brand’s own master distiller, and industry legend, Lesley Gracie. She’ll showcase her lab, where she devises the latest expressions of the gin, and give a sneak peek of whatever she’s mulling to add to the assortment soon. 

The trip will also include a chance to overnight in a nearby Scottish castle, with afternoon tea and a dinner at the dining table inside the Gin Palace. Every attendee will also receive their own distillery- exclusive edition of Hendrick’s Gin to bring a little of its offbeat charm home with them. 

US$131,313.13 (HK$1.03 million) for a group of up to 12 people 

Enquire at or 212-757-4300.