7 Designer Jewellery Collections for Men, From Louis Vuitton to David Yurman 
A look into the latest glittering accessories this season.
BY P.Ramakrishnan  |  March 7, 2024
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Les Gastons Vuitton by Louis Vuitton

Robb Report Hong Kong has long established that jewellery for men and dazzling accessories of all shapes and sizes are here to stay. What once was an aberration to the norm, or a one-off capsule collection that was a smaller part of a greater picture, is now a given; nearly every designer brand has a gender-neutral and/or men’s collection as part of its portfolio.

Just three months into 2024 and we’ve been inundated with field notes on Louis Vuitton’s men’s jewellery line, David Yurman’s first high-jewellery collection for men, the rise of bespoke men’s jewellery by new designers, and Sotheby’s jewellery auction dedicated entirely to men. Earlier this year, Research and Markets predicted that the global jewellery market is expected to surpass sales of US$200 billion (HK$1.56 trillion) by 2027. From that massive pie, the men’s category represents a small slice—less than 10 per cent—of that worldwide market. However, the pie is growing exponentially as the beat of “gender is a social construct” resonates among the newer generation, and men of note and distinguished heritage are seen wearing sizeable rings, brooches, necklaces, and a diamond stud or two.

Despite Brad Pitt’s attempt to normalise men wearing skirts on the red carpet, we don’t see the trend spreading like wildfire. Sparkling totems to indicate wealth and power, however, seems to be eternal. Read on for some of our favourite men’s jewellery pieces this season.

Image courtesy of Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

If the discerning gentleman is hesitant about going all out with high jewellery, try baby steps with the Les Gastons Vuitton Gourmette necklace in yellow gold and white gold from Louis Vuitton’s Fine Jewellery collection. It can easily slip over any top or suit with ease and elegance, and the fashionable accessory has the all-important LV logo embedded on the surface, if you look closely. Exquisite craftsmanship is expected, and there are signet rings and pendants in the collection that can be paired perfectly with denims, but in truth, there’s a versatility to the line that one can appreciate from any angle, with every outfit.

Image courtesy of Dior


A brooch to pin on a jacket may seem antiquated, like a prop from the set of Downton Abbey, and yet, in the latest collection of accessories from Dior, there lies a delicate brooch, pinned on the lapel of a male model. Unveiled at the summer 2024 fashion show, brooches suddenly found themselves studded on several looks in the collection. We like this brass and crystal number with flower petals in gold-finished brass, punctuated by deconstructed cannage details, is a nod to Mr Dior’s passion for nature. Other cabochon brooches with different coloured crystals are also up for grabs, but this gold number can amp up any look. 


Recently, on the red-carpet event for Dune: Part Two, Timothée Chalamet premiered not only his highly anticipated film, but his collaboration with Cartier. Chalamet wore a unique creation crafted exclusively by the maison’s ateliers, with creative input from the Cartier ambassador himself. “Cartier creations have always been my first choice for important moments and getting to collaborate on this project only reinforced that for me,” says the actor. “I think Marie-Laure and I found a way to evoke the desert and harsh beauty of Dune in the Cartier style; a wonderful opposite to the candy-coloured enchantment of our first collaboration together.” (Chalamet is referring to the unique Cartier necklace he worked on with the brand for the Wonka premiere a few months earlier in late 2023.)

For Dune: Part Two, the latest accessory features more than 900 coloured stones; each hue inhabits one side of the modular, diamond-studded necklace, so you can roll the accessory in any way, shape, or form for a diverse combination of colours and stones. Even the spiked texture is deliberate and different from the usual box of treasures Cartier releases, and the expertise it takes to create such a seamless cord of jewels is truly incredible.

Image courtesy of Mikimotto


Truth be told, we did not see men in pearls to be a visual with any cachet in fashion. Historically, pearls were well-regarded in the auspices of royalty, albeit elderly statesmen and queens of septuagenarian rule, but to bring them forward to the new age? Only Mikimoto can do the needful. Yanking pearls into this era, we’ve seen many a star, rapper, comedian, and singer wear pearls with confidence and style. Mikimoto accessories put the culture back in cultured pearls, especially byway of Song Weilong, the Chinese actor and brand ambassador who has been promoting the allure of Mikimoto pearls for a while now. At a recent event, it was hard to miss his dazzling accessory, a white-gold brooch studded with black South Sea cultured pearls and diamonds from the Mikimoto High Jewellery collection. Stunning.

David Yurman

David Yurman’s chevron tag in yellow gold paired with a sculpted cable cuff bracelet is a look we are digging this season. Yellow gold seems to swim in and out of fashion, but there’s a timeless element to the accessory. Seen on actor Michael B Jordan, who was appointed as the brand ambassador by the jeweller, it was a surprise to some that the alpha-male star was modelling for jewellery. Known for the boxing biopic Creed, choosing the action star of Black Panther to be the face (and body) of a jewellery brand may raise eyebrows, but for those who’ve followed him on the red carpet, well, this was a fait accompli. Jordan has been wearing gold chains, diamond studs, bejewelled rings, and accessories on form-fitted suits at important events since memory serves. Well, if he can make it work as a gym bro, so can you. 

Image courtesy of Boucheron


In 2024, Boucheron celebrates two decades of Quatre, a signature collection by the maison that brings four seemingly incongruous elements together: four bands to become a mighty ring. In its latest incarnation, a magical alchemy of contemporary style and brand heritage is fused into the collection. A veritable smorgasbord of options—rings, earrings, bracelets, and a box of treasures—you can dip your hands into the articulated Quatre Classique large bracelet composed of various golds, brown PVD, and diamonds. Years were spent sourcing meticulous stones of equal colour and quality and the artisanship is unquestionable.

Image courtesy of De Beers

De Beers

Earlier this year, we had a first look at a set of De Beers RVL pendants in white gold and rose gold and put a mental Post-it note on it. Inspired by the De Beers monogram, the “D” and “B” are subtly imprinted into the metal and repeated around the entire circumference. As per the brand, “the endless continuation of the DB cipher represents infinity, its true meaning known only to the wearer and revealed at their discretion.” Emblematic of the sturdy centre of a power-truck tire or a wrench that holds for eternity, it’s a standout piece to hang on any nape to showcase strength and style, and the rings in similar silhouette are equally elegant.